What are the three primary rules of HIPAA

Privacy and data protection have become one of the most challenging things in today‚Äôs otherwise convenient and digital world. Firms that deal in services that directly or indirectly involve sensitive and private information of their customers do their best to protect this information and do whatever they can to avoid it from leaking to unsafe environments. This is especially the case with all the firms and organizations that have access to medical information of their patients. In order to avoid any sort of leak or breach, it is very important that these firms become HIPAA compliant. By definition, this is an act that basically aims to protect all sorts of medical information from getting into the wrong hands. It is an acronym that actually stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. You can follow this link and find more information on HIPAA. Firms now have the urgency within them to become HIPAA compliant because they are aware of the fact that security breaches especially with respect to online operations are very common and if they are not avoided,… Read more “What are the three primary rules of HIPAA”