5 Ways to Get Your Content on Instagram’s Explore Page

When content from your account manages to get to your Instagram Explore page, it makes it much easier to promote it. That said, there are currently no one hundred percent ways to achieve this. Nevertheless, it’s possible to work out some account management strategies that will help you get on such a trendy and coveted list.

What Is an Instagram Explore Page

Instagram Explore is a page that features videos, photos, and Stories (both personal and commercial). This page can consist of different content for different people because it is selected personally based on the accounts you follow, the posts you like, and so on. That is, on this page, you will see a stream of different people that you might want to subscribe to, and products that you might be interested in buying. More than half of Instagram users view the Explore page every month. And if you want to create quality content, you can greatly grow your IG followers this way. What exactly the feed shows is decided purely by Instagram’s algorithm, which responds to subscriptions, likes, comments – any of your online activity. Not long ago, Instagram updated its Explore page to make it easier for subscribers to find what’s in their circle of interest and engagement. The biggest change was the navigation bar with shortcodes and filters, and IGTV and shopping appeared.

You’ve Reached the Instagram Explore Page: What Are the Benefits

The presence of your content on Instagram Explore will result in many more people being able to view your post. That’s why a lot of people try to find ways to get on explore page on Instagram. Of course, this advantage can’t guarantee an explosion of subscriptions or reactions to Stories, it depends on the level of your content, but the fact that your publications will be seen by a huge number of users is definitely a huge plus for you.

What You Can Do to Get to the Instagram Explore Page

Instagram’s algorithm tracks posts by their timing, so if your post is new, it will be shown to more of your followers. And increasing the engagement of your existing followers is the first step in getting to your Explore page. By the way, as of June 2019, Instagram has allowed brands to buy ads on the Explore page. These ads don’t appear in the feed, but appear after a person clicks on a video or photo to be less intrusive to people. But if you think this is the easiest option, keep in mind – to get a return on your investment in on-page ads, they need to be as engaging as all the posts around them. So take care of quality content on your page. To do this, you can invite a photographer to take attractive photos of you or your products. Also, in recent times, very popular professions directly related to the maintenance of social media are SMM and content manager. And this means that if you want to make your page as inspiring as possible to attract new subscribers, all you need to do is to hire such a specialist and set before him the goals that you want to achieve.

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