Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Being the premier general chain store in the United States doesn’t come easily. But in one way or another, Kroger has climbed the ranks to position itself at the summit of thousands of superstores, supermarkets, and retail stores throughout the county. One sure way they have maintained their position at the top is through customer feedback and survey. Through the Kroger Survey, the retail chain is able to regularly obtain feedback and honest reviews on the quality of service and the satisfaction of their customers.

The Kroger survey was also introduced together with the Monthly Kroger Feedback sweepstakes. The campaign gives loyal customers the chance to win amazing prizes such as gift cards, vouchers, and many more. To know more on how you can give your rating at, scroll below and get a chance at some awesome prizes.

Rules and Regulations

Just like any other survey and form, there must be regulations followed to protect both the company and the participant from any fallback, legal or otherwise. There is no need to go and read the lengthy Terms and Conditions Agreement Document. We have shouldered that burden for you. Read the abridged version below.

  •       A participant of the survey must have attained 18 years at the time of submission.
  •       You need to be a legal resident of the United States. However, there are certain states which are excluded from the survey: New York, Florida, and Rhode Island.
  •       Any employee of Kroger cannot take part in the survey. A close family member is also not eligible to participate in the survey. Associates of the company are also exempted.
  •       A purchase receipt is required to participate in the survey. You can only participate in the survey once with every receipt.

What You Need

So, what are your requirements to successfully complete the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey? Check out the list below

  •       First and foremost, you need a bill receipt from Kroger. There are details on that receipt that will give you access to the survey such as the Date, Entry ID, and so on. The validity of each Kroger receipt is 7 days from the day of purchase.
  •       A stable internet connection coupled with a device (smartphone, computer or tablet, etc.)
  •       A knowledge of either English or Spanish language. These are the only two languages available.
  •       A few minutes from your busy day schedule
  •       Honest feedback and ratings on the quality of service, staff behavior, and the products purchased from the Kroger store.

The Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey is available 24 hours 7 days a week. As long as you have the above requirements, you are set to go. Visit the website at any time of your preference.

Completing the customer survey gives you the chance of getting drawn for $5,000, $1,000, and $500 gift card rewards. The good thing about the reward system at Kroger is that your chance of winning is not affected by the type of goods purchased. So, fill in that survey today!

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