How to Avoid Age Discrimination in the Workplace?

The workplace is a diverse setup in terms of age. And regardless of age, businesses must run, services and products must be delivered and clients must be kept happy. However, age has become an aspect of discrimination over time. And age discrimination not only affects the quality of work, but it also affects your workers mentally and, in the end, also your company’s performance. In case you have personally faced discriminatory and unfair attitudes, you may turn to specialists to open a legal case. Jae Lee Law has been at the forefront of the legal industry in New York and New Jersey. For all your personal injury claims and queries, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

And here we offer tips on how to keep age discrimination out of your office.

Training and educational forums

This is an item that the company must be a very intentional and caring one. And when it comes to such forums, each and every member of staff should be in attendance; from the top management to the supervisors, from the support staff to the cleaners. This signifies the importance that the company has placed in the training of its staff. In such forums, the advantages of age diversity should be discussed at length, as well as the consequences of discrimination at the workplace.

Implementation and enforcement of policies

Training might not be enough. Your employees might have been taught of the advantages of age diversity, but you need to go a step further for the matter to sink into their hard skulls. It is recommended that you put in place policies that will emphasize the company’s stand on this. In addition, the unethical treatment of fellow employees should have very dire consequences.

And if an employee is found in such an act, supervisors and managers, in conjunction with the HR Department, should be quick to deal with the situation professionally.

Performance-based rewards

This is a particular tip that is often not actualized in many companies. Any promotions, rewards, or preferential treatment that a company offers to its employees should be based on hard work and performance and not on anything else. This will push the employees to look at each other in terms of the value to the company and less in their ages.

Nipping age discrimination in the bud: The interview process

The company management should have a sit down with the HR department. Age discrimination often starts at the interview process. The aura and the expectations portrayed by the HR department during the interview could have an effect on the proliferation of age discrimination in the company.

During any hiring process, advise the HR department to:

· Keep away from age-related questions

· When placing adverts, use generic photos; and not photos where people look young or old.

· Avoid the use of age discriminatory language

· Avoid the use of stereotyping workers who are more experienced. For example, by saying, “We know Mr. So and So is almost retiring since he is almost 60.”


It is only with a multigenerational workplace the company can grow. Each employee has a part to play and something to offer.   

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