Twitter Hacks: Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Every time Twitter prompts you to update the app, a new feature comes along with the update. Some features you might not notice immediately until at one point you see a new icon and realize something has changed about it. You remember that growth of your Twitter account is essential as it could help you land a marketing job or help you grow your brand. And probably you are aware of sites such as that assists in the growth of your account via the mother-child method. But still you should pay attention to other options to boost your Twitter workflow too.

Since the coronavirus pandemic penetrated in 2019, a lot of work and interactions are done online. This has made it important for social media to launch improvements and make it easier for its users. Twitter is one of them, there are some tricks and features that you probably didn’t know.

Pinning a tweet

Do you have that one tweet you’d like everyone to see when they visit your profile? You can pin a tweet on the top of your page. For most people, this includes what they do, and encouraging messages they like the most is something that makes them happy. It also helps you share your values with your audience.

The pinned tweet will remain on your profile as long as you want until you decide otherwise. To pin a tweet, you need to take further steps.

                     i. Click on the three vertical buttons on your top right.

   ii. There, you will find an option to either pin to profile or delete a tweet

iii. Click on the option to pin to profile

24-hour tweet

Just like Instagram and Whatsapp, Twitter has a new feature where you can post a tweet, an image, or a video and it disappears after 24 hours.

Just below the three horizontal lines where you click to view your profile, you will see an icon. When you click on it, you will be redirected to your gallery. Just next to the word gallery you will see an arrow pointing downwards. If you click on it, you will be directed to where you can get images you post from.

In case you want to post text, on the bottom of where you are supposed to get an image to post, scroll to the right and you will come across a space with written text. Click on it and you can post text from it.


With the new trend of posting an image in place of text, you can beat the 280 characters limitation per tweet. You can also create threads but instead of putting words, you could post something that has an image with all the words that could be written on that post.

Let’s take an example where something was mentioned on TV and you wish to quote the same words said. You do not have to type all that was noted, instead you can have a poster written with the exact words that were said.

Self retweets

Do you want to reach a larger audience with the same tweet at different times? If you tweet at a given time, you will reach the audience active at that moment. After a while, people who are active at another time will not see a tweet you had posted earlier unless it has really many reactions. So you can improve your audience by retweeting at another time the same tweet.

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