How is Office Cleaning Calculated?

An office is a sensitive area that we spend the larger part of the day in. This space also carries equipment and documents that need to be handled with a lot of care. Offices should be well cleaned as often as possible. They are like our second homes with different family members. However, professionalism should be a front priority when looking for office cleaning services in terms of pricing, calculations, and budget. Are you in need of cleaning your office and unsure of how much you will be charged? Visit for more information.

Square per meter

This is achieved by taking the length and width measurement then determining the amount to charge per square unit. For example, 4M length by 3M width the square meter is achieved by multiplying the length by width. 3*4=12 M2.

Places with a larger square unit are charged more compared to areas with a smaller square unit. This is because more time and energy are needed to clean the space.

Cleaning time

The amount of time spent cleaning an office is estimated and charged per hour. Offices that have more surfaces and equipment tend to take more time to clean compared to those with less equipment and fewer surfaces. Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques and cleaning equipment. The floor, for example, most times has hard dirt; dirt that is hard to clean compared to window seals that have soft dirt; dirt that is easy to clean.

Some equipment needs easy cleaning steps such as wiping with a moist cloth while others require blowing clean compressed air to remove dust. Such areas take more time and are likely to cost more compared to areas with minimal cleaning techniques.


This refers to the amount of space that can be cleaned per hour. Larger spaces take more time to clean compared to smaller spaces. Places that need more than one cleaning technique tend to have higher productivity compared to places with minimum cleaning techniques. For example, a carpet might need to be vacuum cleaned before washing it. This takes more time compared to cleaning low office walls as they are less dirty and take minimum time to clean.

Frequency of cleaning

People who call for cleaning services often have greater discount compared to those that call for the services often. If you schedule to have your office space cleaned every week, a long-term contract will be developed and a discount offered. This is also a good plan as one does not have to compete for the limited spaces during the weekends and holidays.

Type of cleaning equipment

The type of cleaning equipment and chemicals used for the various surfaces differ in terms of amounts charged. Places that need stronger cleaning agents such as the bathrooms are charged more compared to places that need mild cleaning detergents such as the kitchen. Protective gears used by the workers in such areas are considered and their safety is put first before work.

In conclusion, it is good for an individual to understand the different office cleaning needs. Know that a larger office will be charged more compared to a smaller office. Taking advantage of the available discounts and early bookings is an advantage to both you and the company offering cleaning services.

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