Travel Tips: Where To Park In Cleveland

If you are planning to travel, this is the ultimate guide for airport parking Cleveland Hopkins this will be as detailed as possible, for most of you who don’t know Cleveland is a major city on the shores of lake Erie in Ohio.

Cleveland Hopkins airport is the biggest international airport in Ohio and finding a good spot to park can became very tricky, so I will even list the prices for you to be better prepared.

– The first parking place I recommend you out check out is park n fly, the fee is $15.95 its really close to the airport and might be a convenient place to park. The best part is that you can reserve parking online in advance this will really save you time and money if you do it online in advance you only pay $11.95 that’s something you will thank me for.

– Another place to park would be park place this is also a good place to go the price is $10.50 and they have good service, one thing you should always remember most of these are booked in advance, so it gets hard to find a parking place, that’s why it is smart to reserve your parking in advance, and for the location of all this just look them up using your GPS I only choose those that are nearby.

– CLE smart parking garage is the cheapest at a flat rate of $10 the others are higher, if you don’t want to spend much, I suggest you check it out, they offer you a lot of choices on how you want to park your car.

– To be honest it gets really crowded at parking lots so if those two are booked you can check out Sheraton Cleveland airport parking, they charge about $13 and their service is very decent, am just trying to help you have the best traveling experience in Cleveland, there are a lot of cool places you can check out. – Another amazing place in Cleveland would be airport fast park the only charge $11.50 and the really good customer service, their a few more options you might want to check out personally, always remember to do this in advance and it will save you time and money it will also make you more organized, when you do this in advance you are creating time to do other things. – Cleveland Hopkins Airport will be the most likely airport you will use and a bonus place for parking is CLE Brown lot, they charge $11 their service is second to none and also offer the option to reserve parking in advance, this is now proving to be the best way to arrange parking, reserving things online is really helpful and tome efficient.

Traveling can be challenging but it’s really easy if you take the time to go through exactly where you are going and all your movements from the point of arrival, it helps you stay organized.

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